We are committed to considering the environment in which we operate. We develop and apply systems of environmental management as an integral part of our operational practice alongside management reporting and control procedures. We work with industry bodies, business partners and other organisations to promote environmental care, increase our knowledge and disseminate best practice within our businesses.

Our business’ environmental management systems provide a framework for establishing and reviewing objectives, monitoring and communicating our requirements as well as monitoring our environmental impact and are regularly assessed across all levels of our business. Environmental impacts such as the disposal of waste to landfill and the release of carbon emissions are measured and managed. Innovative working practices such as the use of “emissions buster” technology to reduce the use of generators and fuel on site with the automatic charging of battery packs to deliver power to site systems at night, produce efficiencies as well as quieter nights for local residents.

Schemes designed to encourage our employees and subcontractors to adopt sound environmental understanding and practices use a mixed programme of training and awareness which aims to instil behavioural change. Internally within our business, examples include initiatives to reduce emissions through the hire, lease and procurement of more efficient plant, equipment and motor vehicles, and through the use of energy from renewable sources within our offices. Externally, schemes include the assessment of subcontractors where performance against environmental targets are measured. All our businesses systems are accredited to ISO:14001.


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Environmental policy statement