Board of Directors

The composition of the Board is reviewed regularly. Appropriate training, briefings and induction are available to all Directors on appointment and subsequently as necessary, taking into account existing qualifications and experience. New Directors are subject to election by shareholders at the first AGM after their appointment.

As an AIM listed company, Renew is not required to follow the provisions of the 2014 UK Corporate Governance Code (“the Code”). The Directors, however, recognise the importance of, and accordingly support, the principles of good corporate governance as contained within the Code. The Directors normally seek to follow the Code to the extent considered relevant for an AIM listed company but are unable to achieve compliance with the Code in a number of areas this year, primarily because of the lack of independent non-executive Directors.

David Forbes
Paul Scott
Chief Executive
John Bishop FCA
Non-executive Director
David Brown
Non-executive Director
Andries Liebenberg
Sean Wyndham-Quin
Group Finance Director

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Business model
By the effective management and control of our subsidiary businesses, we deliver shareholder value through capital growth and a progressive dividend policy.

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