Renew is responsible for operating in a way that benefits, and does not cause any negative impact on, a wide range of stakeholders including our responsibility to our employees, clients and supply chain as well as the communities in which we operate.

Health and safety

Health and safety remains a priority across the Group and as such is led by the Chief Executive with the support of the Renew Board and the Group’s SHEQ Director. Our directly employed regional safety practitioners are based within our subsidiary businesses and have industry experience and specific knowledge of the challenging environments in which we work.

Ensuring the safety of all the Group’s stakeholders is the key focus of the Group’s Safety and Environmental Management Group forum, which met four times in the year. The forum is attended by senior operational personnel and senior safety practitioners from around the Group and is a forum for the sharing of best practice and knowledge.

Our focus during the year

The Group’s focus during the year was driven by events and close call incidents and these included:

  • road risk including fatigue management;
  • slips, trips and falls;
  • environmental management; and
  • incident investigation.


We have implemented Covid-19 precautions throughout our business to ensure the safety of everyone involved with the work we undertake. We have ensured office layouts have been changed to implement a strict 2m distance between our employees and one-way systems limit the contact between our employees. We have increased access to hand sanitiser and masks and increased the amount and frequency of cleaning operations across the business. A large number of our employees now work from home and we continue to support our colleagues in a number of ways including through the Group’s Employee Assistance Programme.

A safety focused culture

The Group continues to develop its positive learning culture with a focus on behavioural change. Health and safety remains the priority at all management and Board meetings. The positive learning culture.