Operating in mainly regulated markets

Our clients are responsible for keeping many of the UK’s key assets operational, which requires long-term programmes of asset care.

Cycle icon Energy


  • The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority is responsible for 17 nuclear licensed sites across the UK and estimates that the cost of cleaning up these sites over a programme lasting around 120 years will be £70bn. Sellafield will command approximately 73% of this expenditure, which is currently committed at an annual rate of circa £2bn per annum.
  • Estimated investment of £60bn in new UK nuclear power stations by 2030.

Traditional, renewable and gas

  • As part of ongoing improvements to the gas network, the UK is undertaking a number of essential asset replacement programmes, including the 30/30 Iron Mains Replacement Programme and the London Medium Pressure Strategic Gas Mains Replacement Programme which run to 2032.
Leaf icon Environmental


  • UK water companies, regulated by Ofwat, undertake long‐term investment programmes. In the current five year investment period (AMP6) we estimate our clients, Northumbrian Water, Wessex Water and Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water, will spend around £3.2bn on maintaining their water infrastructure assets.
  • The UK government has committed to invest a record £2.3bn in coastal and river flood risk management to 2021.

Land remediation

  • The Environment Agency estimates that in England and Wales approximately 300,000 hectares of land could potentially be affected by historical contamination.
Tower icon Infrastructure


  • Network Rail is investing around £38bn to 2019 on running, maintaining and improving Britain’s railway.

Wireless telecoms

  • As consumer demand for mobile data, particularly 4G, increases, investment in existing and new wireless infrastructure is required as well as decommissioning of redundant assets.
House icon Specialist Building

High Quality Residential

  • The High Quality Residential market in London and the Home Counties remains strong. We have particular specialist engineering expertise in major structural alteration works both above and below ground.
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