A better, more sustainable future

Our purpose-led approach is based on our five commitments which ensure we continue to align our business with the Environmental, Social and Governance ("ESG") requirements of our stakeholders. It is important that we work responsibly and in a sustainable manner to leave a lasting positive impact.

Renew is committed to operating responsibly and as such it is my role, together with the Group’s SHEQ Director, to drive the Group’s approach to sustainability.

During the year we have developed our sustainability strategy which is now reported in five key areas: customer value, climate action, operating responsibly, engaging our people and supporting our local communities. This enables our subsidiary businesses to align their approach to ESG with those of the markets and communities in which they operate.

We continue to add value to our customers through sustainable innovation which assists in the delivery of the UK’s net-zero carbon target by 2050. This is our first year of reporting under the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting ("SECR") regulations and this data will provide us with a baseline to understand the benefit our improvements are having and how we are supporting the nation’s low-carbon transition targets.

Beyond 2020

We are committed to reducing our footprint and we will continue to review our consumption data and identify areas for improvements. Sustainability data will be reported by our subsidiary businesses monthly as we look to develop our targets for 2021.


Customer value

Customer engagement

Sustainable innovation

Support our customers’ sustainability goals

Climate action

Support the UK’s net-zero carbon goals

Reduce carbon emissions

Climate related risks and opportunities

Operate responsibly

Health and safety

Supply chain engagement

Resource efficiency

Waste management

Green infrastructure

Engage our people

Training and development

Diversity and inclusion

Employee wellbeing

Employee engagement

Support local communities

Future skills

Charitable giving