Delivering stakeholder value

Renew is a holding company which gives autonomy to its operating subsidiaries, enabling them to be competitive and effective in their individual markets whilst setting overall standards. Our subsidiaries, directly employed workforce and supply chain work together to deliver a safe and responsive service supporting the day-to-day demands of the UK’s critical infrastructure networks.

Capability based on ESG

ESG is at the heart of the work we undertake. We are committed to improving our sustainable working practices with clear targets and ambitions to drive progress across our businesses.

Engaged and committed workforce

The Group is committed to the development of its workforceand direct engagement supports the responsive nature of the work we undertake. Our directly employed workforce are highly trained and experienced in the individual markets in which they work.

Committed long-term funding

The markets in which we operate are largely governed by regulation and, as such, benefit from long-term programmes of committed funding.

Non-discretionary infrastructure

Operating on the UK’s critical networks, including the rail, telecoms, water, highways and energy networks, we support the day-to-day operation of these essential infrastructure assets.

  • Providing 24/7 specialist engineering solutions to keep the nation’s infrastructure operational
  • Capital-light, opex-led maintenance and renewals model
  • Ensuring compliance through an embedded safety culture
  • Responsiveness, control and agility
  • Reduced exposure to sub-contractor pricing volatility

Committed to adding value through innovation

Delivering innovative solutions through the development of bespoke plant solutions which provide both cost and time efficiencies.


We understand our responsibility to our stakeholders and seek to consult across all areas of our business operations.


We continue to invest heavily in training and development. Our subsidiaries work to develop the skills of the future with over 270 trainees, apprentices and graduates across the business.



Through our strong governance framework and system of internal controls, the Group is effectively managed, producing consistently strong results. We are well positioned in our chosen markets with a differentiated business model for continued success.


We provide a range of training, development and progression opportunities for our employees as well as attractive remuneration packages.


We support the local communities in which we operate by engaging with them on charitable, environmental and social causes. We operate responsibly and ensure a lasting positive
impact from the work we undertake.


Our range of complementary skills and responsive service assists us in providing our customers with their day-to-day requirements and supports them in achieving their longer-term goals.


Operating with fairness and integrity, we work with our supply chain to develop a working relationship which benefits all parties.

Operating companies

We support our subsidiary businesses to retain their own strong identities as well as providing central health and safety, IT, HR and commercial support.