Delivering sustainable value

The regulated markets in which we operate have high barriers to entry and, alongside our market expertise, provide long-term opportunities for sustainable growth.

Our subsidiary businesses operate across a diversified range of markets providing critical asset maintenance and renewal services.

Working in the Energy, Environmental and Infrastructure markets the Group develops long-term relationships with its clients often over many years.

Our businesses work in markets with high barriers to entry which demand a highly skilled and experienced workforce and a proven track record of safe delivery.

We continue to develop our range of skills enabling us to provide a more efficient and cost-effective service to our clients.

The Group operates in regulated markets which have long-term asset renewal and maintenance spending programmes, visible in our client’s operational expenditure budgets.

We work on long-term frameworks delivering the day-to-day renewal and maintenance tasks required to keep critical networks operational.

The Group is committed to growing the business in its chosen markets both organically and through selective complementary acquisitions whilst maintaining a disciplined approach to risk.

We seek to deliver long-term share price growth opportunities through our established and proven strategy, delivering reliable capital growth alongside a progressive dividend policy and a conservative approach to gearing.